Juan S. Nicasio

Graphic Designer
& Content Creator

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Product Designer & Digital Content Creator, specialized in UI/UX, Branding and digital designs.

Web Design

The creation of web pages has been one of the biggest challenges of my life because without knowing programming I have been able to manage projects from informative pages, e-commerce pages to event pages with a live broadcast on WordPress platforms. , Shopify and Wix

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Since I was little I have had the conviction to create, materialize ideas and put them to practical use. So I started making drawings of whatever came to my mind. Then I found out that what I drew on paper could be illustrated digitally.

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The genesis of a brand is in the good use of its elements. Over the years I have created and aligned brands for their proper functioning, I believe that when giving life to a brand, you should think about every detail both in its present and its usability in the future. Many people make the mistake of thinking that their brand is just the logo and do not believe me that it is not.

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My goal is not to sell you a product or service, but to give the target a different experience through the focus, positioning and differentiation of the project.

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Full Stack Graphic Designer,
Auto Repuestos Juan

My work in this company has been very varied, from the creation of all its social networks, web page implementation, marketing strategy implementation, realization of digital sales funnels to the remodeling of a static web page to a semi-dynamic one, implementing a digital trade that is still in process.

Web Designer,
Tribe Designs

In this company my role was to design web pages in wordpress, make them fully functional, and adapt them to the expectations of the clients, among the projects that I was able to carry out with my team, the one that gives me the most pride was a live international congress project with live streaming . Where we organize the logistics of the event on the platform, and we carry
it out two consecutive years due to COVID-19

UX/UI Designer & Content Creator,

In this company my role was the design of products to market in the national market of the Dominican Republic, in turn I was in charge of coordinating the content of a selection of products in digital media and traditional media.

Content Creator,

My role in this company was to create content for the brands that I was in charge of, and then design and publish it.

I’m using top leading design methods in my work.

«Everything you can imagine is real.»

Product Design
Web Design
Copy Writting
Time Management, Organization & Fluid Comunication

Professional certifications I've reached.

The intelligence of an individual is measured by the amount of uncertainties that he is able to withstand -Immanuel Kant

Bachelor's degree, Marketing
Web Development
Blender from Beginner to Expert
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“I’ve been working with Nicasio exclusively since 2013 and it has been great! He works fast and consistently delivers high-quality work. He takes my vision and translates it into a professional design that functions for my business goals. I’ve really appreciated how he’s always focused on the function of the piece as well as the visual design.”

Juan N.
CEO Auto Repuestos Juan

“Nicasio was a collaborative and reliable partner for my logo development needs. His creativity and project management skills far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Nicasio's services to anyone looking for a results-driven, professional brand development resource that can deliver according to agreed-upon budget and timeline.”

Johanna N.
CEO Simoné | Oli & Mau

During the time that Nicasio worked in the company, he demonstrated his ability to create and deliver very successful creative designs to what our clients needed. In addition to Nicasio, he stayed at the forefront of new trends, which made the content at the forefront. Whenever I can I recommend it for other projects

Alicia C.
CEO Nii Projects | Market In Podcast


Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. -Paul Brand

I am always looking for great collaborators. Let’s message me and make something together!